Convert viewers to subscribers with YouTube data

Data and analytics may not be your cup of tea. Numbers can be dry; tables can be hard to understand. But data can be a powerful tool to help you grow your channel. And YouTube just released some useful new data features—so let’s take a look!

The new “not subscribed” view

Earlier this month, YouTube introduced a way to filter your channel viewership data to show views from subscribers only, non-subscribers only, or both at once. Looking at this data can help you determine which day of the week to upload, which videos are being viewed the most by non-subscribers, and how to convert more non-subscribed viewers to subscribers.

To access the new data, go to your YouTube analytics. In the dropdown, choose “Not subscribed,” and you’ll be able to see viewership data from those viewers who haven’t yet hit that subscribe button. And those viewers might very well make up the majority of your views!

To get a better understanding of viewing habits, increase the data timeframe to at least 90 days.

The opportunity to convert

Further down the page, you can see which of your videos are most popular among non-subscribers. On this channel, the #1 most viewed video over the past 90 days was viewed 84,000 times by people who have not subscribed to the channel.


If we click on that first video and then check the Subscribers page, we can see that out of the 84,000 views, the channel owner has converted only 1,800 into subscribers. That’s only 2.1%—so lots of room for improvement.


These numbers suggest data suggests two courses of action:

  • For future videos, make sure to ask viewers to subscribe. For example, insert a call to action like “Hit that subscribe button so you’re notified when I release future videos!”
  • Add a clickable annotation or card to your existing and future videos to prompt viewers to subscribe.

Looking at your analytics can sometimes feel tiresome, but it can have a big impact on your channel’s success. Now go convert some viewers to subscribers!