Branded content spotlight: Lipton #BeMoreTea

Perhaps you caught stop-motion king PES collecting a few mussels on the beach recently? Or maybe it was Megan Batoon preparing her favorite summertime dish in her “Summertime TEAse” video? Both of these spots were preludes to a big creator collaboration video that showcased a real-life meet-up of social media stars coming together to enjoy a meal—all made possible by Lipton’s summertime #BeMoreTea campaign.

In 2015, brands of all kinds have jumped in to branded content and influencer marketing. Today, let’s take a look at how this recent campaign came together with Lipton, Fullscreen, and several of today’s top social video creators.

The #BeMoreTea campaign

Last week, Lipton launched the Fullscreen-scripted-and-produced video showing twelve creators gathering for a screen-free backyard picnic, including AVByte, Megan Batoon, Calen Morelli, Fresh Big Mouf, and Marquese “Nonstop” Scott. Naturally, the conversation revolved around the commonality of being a video creator.

“Today is so special because I finally get to connect with a bunch of different creators . . . without having technology be a part of it,” dancer-gone-culinary-artist Megan Batoon mentioned prior to the event.

The “unplugged” nature of the event comes to the foregront during the picnic, but none of the creators seem to miss their pixel-perfect time. Some of the creators’ well-known formats also made an appearance, including a dance-off by Nonstop and Poppin John.

Lipton’s brand message

#BeMoreTea kicked off this spring and aims to refresh and breathe new life into the established Lipton brand, which has been going strong since 1890. The concept behind the branded content series is grounded in a specific #BeMoreTea mission:

“To inspire people to break out of their daily autopilot routines (which, for these creators, includes a lot of digital time!) and see the world with a “fresh-brewed perspective.”

This massive influencer collaboration is rolling out across Lipton’s and the creator’s YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels, uniting millions of YouTube and social viewers for a “refreshing” digital experience.

How the campaign came together

How does a branded content campaign like #BeMoreTea actually happen? The Fullscreen-Lipton partnership began with a brainstorm around a refreshing angle on a YouTube creator collab—the idea of creators breaking their regularly scheduled routines. From this idea, we crafted a campaign that both honors our creators’ unique skills and celebrates everyone meeting IRL.

Fullscreen’s own production team captured the raw excitement in the hero video so the creators didn’t have to shoot on their phones or cameras themselves. Instead, the guests were free to do one simple thing: enjoy. Lipton Iced Tea plays a role throughout the hero and the breakout videos, and its authentic integration only adds to the party.

Already garnering media attention, the campaign will continue over the coming weeks, featuring more videos from the picnic by the influencers who were there. Watch the main spot above and try to guess just which digital stars will be releasing videos next!