10 updates coming to YouTube

Every so often, YouTube gives us a sneak peek into some of the new features they’re working on. This week, they highlighted “10 Things Coming Soon for Creators”—everything from smarter comment filtering to improved subscriptions, mobile analytics, and more! Check out YouTube’s video below, and read on to see which features we’re most excited about!

Cards updates

Not too long ago, YouTube released cards—a mobile-friendly version of annotations that let you link to videos, merch stores, fan funding and more, straight from your videos. To help you collab more efficiently, YouTube is adding a “Channel” card, which lets you link directly to another creator’s channel. Like other cards, the Channel card works on mobile too.

Subscription changes

Some creators complain that their videos don’t show up enough in YouTube viewers’ subscription boxes. YouTube is definitely aware of this struggle, so they’re rolling out updates to help deal with it—specifically on mobile. YouTube is not only making it easier to get to the subscriptions feed in the mobile app, but also improving notifications so your subscribers get alerted when you post a new video.

As part of this, YouTube is rolling out new versions of both the main YouTube app and the Creator Studio app. These updates will not only make videos easier for viewers to find but also easier for creators to manage.

Better live streaming

When’s the last time you watched your favorite creator stream live on YouTube? A lot of you might have said “never.” YouTube is looking to change this with imminent updates to their live streaming platform—which includes support for gamers! Soon you’ll be able to stream your favorite games right on YouTube without having to build up a new audience on another platform.

Which upcoming feature is you most excited about? Let us know in the comments, and tweet us at @FullscreenNet!