Dailymotion comes to the Fullscreen Uploader

Fullscreen creators! A few months ago, we launched the Fullscreen Uploader—a new tool that helps you publish your videos to YouTube and Facebook with a single upload, design the perfect thumbnail, and more. Today, we’re adding another platform you can upload to seamlessly: Dailymotion!

Publish and monetize on Dailymotion

We’ve seen creators build up their Facebook fan pages by uploading their videos natively to Facebook with the Fullscreen Uploader—and now it’s time to grow both your views and your income with Dailymotion.

  • Dailymotion sees more than 3 billion video views each month.
  • It’s the #1 most visited European website in the world.
  • Monetization on Dailymotion is available to all Fullscreen creators.

When you connect your Dailymotion account with Fullscreen, you’ll be invited to Dailymotion’s partnership program, and videos you upload to Dailymotion will start earning income! (They just need to respect copyrights, like your YouTube videos do.)

Linking your Dailymotion account

Whether you have an existing channel, or you’re starting fresh, you can connect a Dailymotion account from your Accounts page within the Creator Platform. Once linked, you’ll receive a partnership invitation directly from Dailymotion within a few days to enable monetization.

See more complete stats

To keep up with the Fullscreen Uploader, we’ve also expanded our stats page to show you not only how your YouTube videos are performing, but your Facebook videos as well.


If you want even deeper analytics on your channels, remember that Fullscreen creators get free access to Epoxy, where you can get amazing stats about your audience across all your social presences! (For more on Epoxy, check out this post.)

Start uploading!

If you’re ready to start publishing your videos to more platforms, or you’re just looking for free video file storage or an easy way to design custom thumbnails, head to the Fullscreen Uploader to get started. Good luck with your videos!