Filter unwanted YouTube comments the easy way

One sure thing about being a content creator on YouTube is that you’re going to run into hateful comments and spam at some point. Until fairly recently, there was no easy way to deal with these comments other than manually removing them.

Fortunately, YouTube now offers a fantastic comment filtering tool to help combat unwanted comments. To find comment filtering, go to your Video Manager and navigate to the ‘Community’ section (in the left sidebar). Then click through to the ‘Community settings’ page.


The ‘Community settings’ page is where you can set your blacklist—the filters you can set to help deal with unwanted users and comments. The ‘Blacklist’ box lets you enter specific words and phrases that you don’t want appearing in the comments of your videos. These can be anything from swear words to racial slurs, personal information, or phrases that spam marketers commonly use.

When YouTube catches one of your blacklisted words or phrases, it’ll automatically hold that comment for review. You can then approve or delete the comment from your comments page or even ban the user entirely, if you think it’s necessary.

While YouTube’s comment filters don’t completely solve hate and spam comments, they’re a very useful tool to help prevent some of that unwanted content from showing up publicly. Now go engage with your fans!