Take advantage of Facebook video

What comes to mind when you hear “online video”? There’s a good chance the first word you thought of is YouTube. And with more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube remains the top place for creators to upload—but it shouldn’t be the only one.

Everyone and their grandmother is using Facebook by now, but it’s no longer just a platform for posting FOMO-inducing vacation pics, ranting about your neighbors, or showing your friends what you ate for lunch. We’ve seen Facebook evolve from text-based status updates to beautiful photos and now to native video—which many forwarding creators are already taking advantage of.

Upload natively to Facebook

It’s no secret that Facebook is making a big push into the video world. After the announcements at this year’s F8—where we also announced the Fullscreen Uploader—you should be looking at Facebook as an added marketing opportunity to increase your video views and grow your audience.

Until Facebook fully rolls out monetization for video creators, we suggest windowing your content: uploading your latest video natively to Facebook a couple days after you upload natively to YouTube (making sure to include a link back to the original video on YouTube). If you start to see high engagement on Facebook—especially shares—consider uploading natively to YouTube and Facebook at the same time for an added push.

Drive traffic from your fan pages

Over the last few months, we’ve taken a look at creators of all sizes and found that, across the board, Facebook acts as a solid traffic source to drive viewers back to your videos. In some cases, we’ve seen creators who see higher engagement on Facebook than on Youtube, despite having fewer Facebook followers than YouTube subscribers. Speaking for myself, I spend more time on my Facebook news feed than on my YouTube subscription page, so there’s a higher chance that I’ll find someone’s new video through Facebook.

Take advantage of easy sharing

One of the advantages Facebook has over YouTube is that Facebook posts are much easier to share with friends—snowballing your content to a wider audience. This is especially true when it comes to native Facebook video, which many creators have found reaches larger audiences than other post types.

Use the Fullscreen Uploader

Uploading your videos to multiple platforms can sometimes be a tedious process, but for Fullscreen creators, we’ve made the process simple! With our recently launched Uploader, you can publish your videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion in one easy process, without having to upload them multiple times. Plus, Uploader gives you tips to optimize your metadata and lets you design the perfect custom thumbnail to lure in potential viewers. So log in to the Creator Platform and get uploading!