Canadian Creators: CBC | Fullscreen Wants You!

Are you a Canadian YouTuber with a playlist of awesome, original videos? Have you ever thought about television? Do you want your content to reach millions more Canadians?

Then CBC’s incredible new partnership with Fullscreen is big news–and it could be big for you.

CBC is launching an online network designed to put give all content makers more exposure, more opportunities and hopefully even more fans.


The Next Generation of Content Creators

“This deal is about working with the next generation of content creators,” says Paul McGrath, Director of Digital Content at CBC.

“Put it this way, on the tenth floor of our CBC studios in Toronto there’s a hallway with pictures of some of biggest names in Canadian comedy; Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, John Candy, Michael J. Fox, Gilda Radner, Howie Mandel — they’re all up there. They’re all stars who we’ve worked with and developed shows with.

“This deal, for us, is an opportunity to make sure that that wall keeps growing, that we keep adding new faces to it.”

By collaborating with the next generation of creators, we hope to get you on that wall.

“That’s why we’re launching the Creator Network,” adds McGrath.


Who Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for Canadian YouTubers with an established fan base to join this exclusive network, where talent will work directly with managers to develop their brand, attract sponsors, and publish content on multiple platforms including radio, TV and online.

“With CBC | Fullscreen, we’re building a new model in the Canadian marketplace that puts the next generation of talent at the core of linear and digital entertainment in collaboration with one of the most respected broadcasters in the world,” said Fullscreen President Ezra Cooperstein.

We look forward to working with you, the next generation of creators, and getting even more great talent out to Canadian audiences, coast, to coast, to coast.

Visit the new CBC | Fullscreen website to learn more.