An easy trick for better video titles

For many creators, the biggest challenge is coming up with a new, compelling video idea every week. But for some, the hard part is coming up with a video title that helps you get discovered in search results. Fortunately, a clever trick can help you figure out what audiences are searching for in the YouTube search box!

A good chunk of your video’s views will come from YouTube search—sometimes even more views than you get from your subscribers. If you’re unsure how exactly to word your title, just do a YouTube search on the topic that your video covers. It’s a simple way to get insight into what’s ranking well right now in YouTube search results.

An example

Say you’re unboxing Sphero’s new BB-8 toy. When you type BB-8 into YouTube’s search box, YouTube will autocomplete your search and display the top phrases related to BB-8 that users have been searching for.


Searching for BB-8 on Google will also give you suggestions. But since your focus is video, you should pay more attention to YouTube’s autocomplete than Google’s autocomplete.


How to use search suggestions in your titles

Not every autocomplete suggestion will be title-worthy, but they should push you in the right direction. In this example, the keywords that stick out include BB-8, Sphero, and Droid, leaving a possible promising title for your video: BB-8 Droid Unboxing From Sphero!

This title incorporates several of the key search terms and describes the content of the video perfectly—which is important!

Once you have your title locked down, make sure to use the Fullscreen Uploader to publish your video to YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion in one easy process—plus store your raw video files for free!

Don’t forget about tags!

While video tags aren’t quite as important as the title, don’t forget about them! You can incorporate YouTube’s autocomplete suggestions into your tags too. Make sure to have a nice combination of short- and long-form phrases, such as:

BB-8, BB-8 Unboxing, BB-8 Droid, BB-8 from Sphero

Just keep in mind that including long lists of tags in your description box is a no-no. YouTube considers that tag spam, which is against YouTube’s terms of service and can result in strikes against your account. Tags are for the tags box only!

Now go title and publish your next video and grow that audience!