3 ways to make mobile count on Black Friday

The biggest shopping day in the U.S.—Black Friday—has traditionally been known for overnight parking-lot campouts and aggressive in-store crowds. But Black Friday is gradually transitioning to a quieter affair as more consumers choose to spend their holiday budget online. How can your brand take advantage, especially when consumers are doing more and more shopping on mobile devices?

Online shopping will likely make up 46% of holiday shopping this year. With mobile purchases increasing 41% last year, it’s more important than ever to make sure your Black Friday marketing strategy includes mobile. Keep these three tips in mind to reach mobile customers effectively over Thanksgiving weekend.

1. Use influencers to your advantage

Among shoppers who watched videos online as part of their holiday shopping routine in 2014, 68% preferred product videos from peers. YouTube is an ideal avenue to reach mobile shoppers, since more than half of YouTube’s views come from mobile devices. By partnering with top online video influencers, you can expand your reach to that mobile audience in a powerful way.

Unboxing videos are a particularly popular YouTube format: more than 36,000 creators produce unboxing content, and views of unboxing videos grew 57% last year. Though often associated with tech products, unboxing videos can showcase any type of product, from toys to cosmetics. So your brand might be a great fit with an unboxer.

An iPhone 6S unboxing video from Fullscreen creator Unbox Therapy

2. Support your customers on social media

Social media is integral to the mobile experience, and it counts for more than just brand awareness or promotional marketing. Twenty percent of consumers have used social media for customer service requests in the past year, but leading companies ignore about 40% of these requests. Focusing on social media customer support during the holidays helps create positive consumer experiences that can turn online shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

3. Turn views into purchases with YouTube cards

Whether you’re opting for paid media campaigns or going organic, make sure to optimize your YouTube videos for mobile. Driving YouTube viewers to your site with external annotations is a good idea, but YouTube’s original in-video annotations unfortunately didn’t work on mobile devices.

Thankfully, in 2015 YouTube implemented a new technology called cards, which enable you to insert in-video CTAs, even on mobile devices. YouTube cards let you link directly to merchandise sites or your associated website to make the most of your YouTube content this Black Friday.

Cards enable mobile viewers to click directly to your website or to merchandise pages.

If you’d like to partner with influencers who match your brand’s vision, or you’re interested in finding out more about online video channel management or social platform management, just let us know. Best of luck on Black Friday!