YouTube Partner Program and cover songs update

UPDATE: All creators must agree to YouTube’s new terms of service by April 1st to avoid potential partnership issues.

Fullscreen creators: we have some exciting news! As of today, you’re now eligible for YouTube’s Partner Program.

“Wait, aren’t I already part of Fullscreen’s partner program?”

You are, and now you can be part of YouTube’s as well—with no additional cut to your revenue.

What does this mean?

In the past, when YouTube pushed out new features, those features didn’t always become available to all creators at the same time. That ends today!

From now on, when YouTube launches new goodies, you’ll receive them at the same time as everyone else—on top of the amazing set of tools that you have access to as a Fullscreen creator. This has been a long time coming, and both YouTube and Fullscreen have worked hard to make it happen.

More ways to monetize cover songs

One of the features coming your way is additional support to monetize cover songs. For a few months now, creators who were YouTube partners but not part of a network have been able to upload select cover song videos to YouTube and receive a portion of the revenue. Soon, that same opportunity will be available to you as a Fullscreen creator.

Going forward, you’ll have two whole cover song libraries to choose from: We Are The Hits (provided through Fullscreen), as well as YouTube’s cover song library.

Note: Cover song support on YouTube may not be available immediately after agreeing to the new terms, and is different than YouTube’s standard audio library.

What do I need to do?

Starting today, you’ll see a notice on your YouTube Dashboard to review and accept the YouTube Partner Program terms. Please note that you must accept these terms to continue earning revenue on YouTube and ensure you’re included in all upcoming YouTube feature releases.


That’s it! Once you’ve accepted the new terms, keep a close lookout for shiny new monetization options.


Am I still a Fullscreen creator?

Absolutely! You’ll continue to receive all the benefits of being a Fullscreen creator, on top of the new and upcoming benefits of being part of YouTube’s Partner Program.

How will payments be processed?

Payments will be handled just as they were before. Once you pass the $50 threshold, you’ll receive your income from Fullscreen around the 30th of the following month.

How does cover song monetization work?

When you upload an approved cover song, the owner of the song will claim the video—don’t panic!—and then you’ll be able to share revenue with them. (This feature is coming in the future, so stay tuned for more on how exactly it’ll work.)

Does this change affect my Fullscreen contract?

Nope! The agreement you have will Fullscreen remains the same: rev split, end date, and so on. YouTube’s new terms of service are totally separate from your Fullscreen contract.

Note: The 55% that you’ll read on YouTube’s terms is the revenue share that YouTube sends to networks (like Fullscreen), before it’s split with creators. This is how it’s always worked.

Will I be able to convert my We Are The Hits licensed cover songs to YouTube’s license?

No, you won’t be able to convert existing WATH covers to YouTube covers, but you will have the option to choose which library to use going forward.

I ran into an issue! What can I do?

If you stumble across any errors while reviewing and agreeing to the new terms, shoot an email to support[at] with screenshots of the problem so we can try to help!