Even more copyright-free music

Music can take a good YouTube video, and make it great! It can spark emotion, put an extra spring in your step, and of course, increase video retention. We’re excited to bring even more of this rhythmic wonder to your ears thanks to our latest partnership with Epidemic Sound, offering monetizable music and sound effects – all completely copyright safe, curated specifically for YouTube content creators, and best of all, we cover 100% of the subscription fee on your Fullscreen partnered channels!

Royalty free music, reimagined!

You may be asking yourself, “doesn’t Fullscreen already offer two music libraries?!” We sure do, but Epidemic Sound’s library is quite unique, and here’s why!

  • Their 30,000+ tracks have all been written and composed from scratch – exclusively for Epidemic Sound
  • Albums are available that have been specifically curated for YouTube
  • 100% copyright free and ready to monetize

Copyright-free, you say?!

You heard correctly! Because the tracks on Epidemic Sound have been created exclusively for their library, the videos you post on your Fullscreen partnered channel(s) will be safe and sound from copyright claims (as long as there’s no other content that could be claimed in your video).

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