Don’t lose your monetization! YouTube Partner Program


Greetings, Fullscreeners! We wanted to take a moment to address the YouTube Partner Program alert that many of you may have seen on your YouTube Dashboard. We touched on it when it first made an appearance, but many of you still have questions. If you have not yet agreed to YouTube’s new terms, please take the time to read through this post carefully!


  • You will lose monetization if you do not agree to YouTube’s new terms of service by May 16th!
  • YouTube updated their terms of service and is requiring all creators to join their Partner Program in order to continue monetizing their videos.
  • YouTube has made it mandatory that all creators agree by April 1st or your monetization may be disabled.
  • If you’ve already done this, you’re all set!

What is the YouTube Partner Program?

In short, the YouTube Partner Program powers monetization on YouTube, and gives creators early access to features aimed at increasing growth and revenue.

I’m part of Fullscreen – why am I seeing the alert?

YouTube has worked hard to bring their Partner Program to the masses, opening up new and exciting opportunities – like cover song monetization – with more features and revenue streams on the way (country restrictions may apply). Now you can benefit from both YouTube and Fullscreen’s amazing tools – like our multi-platform Uploader – without affecting your Fullscreen partnership or revenue.

What are the benefits?

In the past, certain features were available to creators in YouTube’s Partner Program before they rolled out to MCN creators. That’s about to change! Going forward, all creators will gain access to new features and revenue streams at the same time (country restrictions may apply).

Do I have to join?

Yes. YouTube is making it mandatory for all creators to join the Partner Program by May 16th in order to continue earning revenue from their videos. Any creator who doesn’t review and accept the updated terms is at risk of losing monetization. If you haven’t signed up to the Partner Program yet, head on over to your YouTube Dashboard and look for the big blue alert at the top!

Will my revenue decrease?

No. YouTube will not be taking any additional revenue once you join the Partner Program. In fact, because new revenue streams will roll out to all eligible creators at the same time, you may see an increase over time!

I don’t see the blue bar!

If you don’t see the blue alert on your dashboard, and you’re quite certain you haven’t agreed to the new terms yet, try the following:

  • Head over to your Monetization settings to see if a link to the new terms is available.
  • Check your Advanced settings to see if your correct country is set. Some countries may not be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. Switching your country to United States may trigger the new terms.

Questions, concerns?

If you still have questions or concerns about the new terms, feel free to Tweet them to @FullscreenNet, or shoot an email to support.