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Being a creator takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and there’s no one who understands #thestruggle more than us. We’re always on the lookout for up and coming talent – creators who are going above and beyond, trying new and innovative things, and making high quality original content. And what better way to highlight those creators than by sharing their learnings with you all here on the blog.

A self-described “Hip Hop Illusionist,” Jibrizy is just the kind of creator we’re looking for! Based in Chicago, Jibrizy’s channel focuses on highlighting his skills as an illusionist, magician, and director. His content is not only extremely entertaining, but highly shareable. Over the last few months, Jibrizy has been mastering some simple tricks on Facebook that have had his numbers on the platform soaring! Let’s jump in and take a look at how he’s utilizing native Facebook video to boost views, page likes, and engagement across all his social platforms.

By starting to share more Facebook videos, Jibrizy grew his Facebook page by more than 5 times!
By starting to share more Facebook videos, Jibrizy grew his Facebook page by more than 5 times!

Share natively on Facebook

Jibrizy’s speedy growth can be directly correlated to the moment he started focusing on crafting video content specifically for Facebook. When you’re thinking about your video strategy beyond YouTube, it’s important to remember the benefits of sharing natively. Native Facebook video auto-plays in the news feed and has higher reach than normal YouTube links.

Watch his video here!

Inspire engagement

Utilizing call to actions in your videos is an invaluable tool for helping boost engagement. Jibrizy takes this to the next level on his native Facebook videos, and is seeing a big boost in engagement because of it. Remind viewers to share your video with friends – the more creatively you ask, the more likely they are to share (but remember, don’t spam!).

Curate the right content for the right network

What makes Jibrizy’s videos reach so many eyes? His videos are extremely shareable and viewers are excited to send them to their friends on Facebook. A huge part of that ‘sharability’ is length. A longer and more elaborate video might be perfect for YouTube, but something quick and simple works really well on Facebook.

Preparing for Facebook monetization

Though it’s still unclear when exactly Facebook will roll out its monetization to all creators, having a loyal fan-base who already enjoys your video content on the platform puts you miles ahead of everyone else when monetization becomes available.

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