Facebook Live video just got even better!

If you’re a Facebook user – and who isn’t these days – you’ve probably been noticing a lot more videos in your feed lately, including live broadcasts. Many of you are even pushing your content on Facebook to help grow your audience across multiple platforms! We live in a video-driven world, and Facebook is working hard to deliver even more of it to our welcoming eyes. Today, it gets even better with the expansion of Facebook Live.

For several months now, you’ve been able to fire up a live broadcast of yourself straight from the Update Status screen (I bet some of you didn’t even know that magical button existed!), or if you’re a fancy verified user, from the Mentions app!

What’s new?

Rolling out today, Facebook will allow you to go live in Groups and Events! Only want to broadcast amongst your coworkers? What about just to your family members? Or what if you wanted to quickly update the attendees of a video shoot you’re planning? All of this is now possible, and it’s just as easy as broadcasting to your entire friends list.

And good news for creators running Facebook Pages. You’ll now have access to metrics to see how your broadcasts are performing!

Time to react.

I don’t know about you, but when Facebook rolled out their new Reactions a few weeks ago, I’ve been on a liking spree. But it’s no longer just “likes”. Love, laugh, cry, get angry – whatever you’re feeling, you can now react accordingly. These great Reactions are now available on Facebook Live videos, and display across the broadcast in real time – similar to hearts on Periscope!

Filters? Yep, they have filters.

Who doesn’t love a good filter? We’re looking at you, Instagram users! Not feeling color today? Throw on a black & white filter to give your broadcast a dramatic look! A few basic filters will be available right away, but Facebook hinted that you’ll soon be able to draw & doodle directly on your broadcast! *inserts WOW Reaction!*

But wait, there’s more!

What good are videos if they can’t be found? Think about how many hilarious cat videos you may have missed scrolling through your news feed – oh the humanity! Starting today, Facebook will be adding a dedicated place where you can find the videos and broadcasts from your friends and favorite artists. Once rolled out, you’ll see a shiny video icon right at the bottom of the Facebook app you all know and love!

If you don’t immediately see the new video icon, give it time. The update may take several hours to reach all users.

Now’s the time!

Facebook video is still growing – and you should be taking advantage of it! As an artist, you want your content on as many platforms as possible, and with these new tools available to users, your videos will be easier than ever to find! Now go, video aficionado! Keep on creating, and keep on uploading!

Did you say upload?!

Oh, and one more thing. As a Fullscreen artist, our Uploader lets you publish to multiple platforms, including Facebook, with a single upload! No more wasting time manually uploading to each service. Hop on over to the Fullscreen Uploader and fire off your next masterpiece!

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