The stage is set – fullscreen launches April 26th!

It was just a few years ago that we were all creating YouTube videos in our bedrooms, unsure of what the future held. But as YouTube grew, we started to envision that future – and it looked brighter than ever before!

When we launched the Fullscreen Network in 2011, we looked to break creators free from their bedrooms with the hopes of turning them into household stars – and boy have we done that! From the shy vlogger to the aspiring musician, our teams have helped thousands make it big on YouTube and beyond. So what comes next?

Tomorrow, we take a giant leap forward with the launch of the Fullscreen SVOD platform – bringing you exclusive series, movies, talk shows, and more – for a fraction of what you’re paying for other premium services.

Creators have come a long way since YouTube launched in 2005, but with the current state of ad revenue, taking content to the next level can be daunting, and sometimes impossible. The Fullscreen SVOD platform not only allows established creators to develop production-rich movies and shows, but it also gives their fans a unique place to experience and engage with content made specifically for them.

What can you expect?

The new Fullscreen experience has been built with you in mind – over 800 hours of content, including exclusive movies and shows created by your favorite stars, viewable on your favorite devices, and customizable GIFs to share with your friends! Who doesn’t love GIFs?!

We have personalities. Lots of them!

The originals you’ll enjoy on Fullscreen will feature some very familiar (and awfully friendly) faces! Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart will bring you Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Max Carver and Hannah Kasulka star in Filthy Preppy Teen$, and Bret Easton Ellis is joining the family with an eight-episode drama about kids who escape from a cult, called The Deleted.

That’s all I can reveal – for now – but there’s so much more to dive into when Fullscreen launches tomorrow!

Are you in?

The stage is set, the cameras are rolling, and there are GIFs just waiting to be shared. Starting tomorrow, be one of the first to experience Fullscreen – the first month is free, and then only $4.99 a month!

UPDATE: WE’RE LIVE!  |  iOS App Store  |  Google Play

Questions? We have answers!

As a creator, we’re sure you have many questions. Let’s talk!

What’s happening with the Fullscreen Network?

The Fullscreen Network that you know and love will continue to operate as it has been, but now that the Fullscreen SVOD platform exists, we’ll be actively looking for the next stars to help develop premium content.

Does this affect my partnership with Fullscreen?

Your partnership with Fullscreen, and all of the benefits that come with it, remains the same. You’ll continue to have free access to Epoxy ($25/month), Showbox ($250/month), the multi-platform Fullscreen Uploader, and much more!

Can I get my content on Fullscreen?

Similar to other premium SVOD platforms, we’re launching with the best of the best – high quality, original content from your favorite stars! As time goes on, we’ll be adding to our library, and will be looking across all platforms for new creators to add into the mix.

What can I do to improve my chances of becoming a Fullscreen star?

If one of your end goals is to land content on an SVOD platform, focusing on quality and originality is key – we have a great blog post on this very topic! Producers will be looking for creators who are able to turn new ideas into crisp, enjoyable content that stands out from the millions of new videos that are uploaded each and every day.

As a Fullscreen Network creator, do I get a discount?

We are pleased to offer one-month free trials to Fullscreen, which you can cancel anytime. After that first month, you will then be billed $4.99 per month while you remain a member. We will continue explore ways for Fullscreen Network creators to have special benefits and access within the new service.

Still have questions? Shoot a Tweet to @FullscreenNet, and follow @fullscreen to keep up to date with the excitement!