6 gaming updates to keep you current

Top 10 Things we want to see at E3 2016

It’s E3 week! And we’re super excited to see what’s in store. From the new Xbox One S, to the new Zelda game, and so much more. Here are the top 10 things we’re hoping to catch this week:

10. Injustice 2 – The original title was a blast to play and spawned a really deep ongoing comic book franchise, we can’t wait to see where the sequel takes us.

9. Kingdom Hearts 3 – It’s probably still a little early to expect much more than a new trailer, but even that would be enough to hold us over for the time being.

8. Pokemon Sun/Moon – Nintendo is likely going to play this one close to their chest like they did with X/Y, but it would be awesome to see a few new pokemon designs & details pop up during their press conference.

7. Dead Rising 4 – Can you imagine how many zombies they could get on screen at once with the new generation of hardware?

6. The Last Guardian – Good things come to those who wait, and this is one of the longest delayed titles of recent memory. Here’s hoping for a release date & some new gameplay at this year’s show.

5. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Do we really have to explain this one? Call of Duty in space, what’s not to be excited about?

4. Gears of War 4 – Last year’s reveal was a little cold, but we’re still really hopeful for this sequel. A demo could do wonders to build the hype for this one.

3. Mass Effect Andromeda – We’re still just about a year away from release for this one, but any new information on this fan favorite franchise is sure to draw excitement.

2. Legend of Zelda Wii U/NX – Nintendo has basically said their show this year is all about Zelda, and we couldn’t be more excited to get some hands on time with an open world Hyrule. Check out the brand new trailer here!

1. Sega Dreamcast 2 – Be honest, we all want this to happen.

New tech to check out

New PS4 & Xbox One models are on the way. The rumors have been floating around for a little while now, and now we have confirmation direct from the source. While mid-generation re-designs of consoles to make them smaller has been occurring since the original Atari, this generation is seeing incremental upgrades to the consoles as well. Sony has confirmed that a new model of the PlayStation 4 is in the works which will have more processing power and will also support 4K video. Microsoft has also announced Project Scorpio at their E3 2016 press conference, which they aim to make the “most powerful console ever” upon its release in 2017. No concrete details on the release dates or price points have been given at this time. But we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do 👍

The latest platform updates

In late May, Twitch rolled out their new Clips feature which will allow viewers to share their favorite moments from live streams in a quick & easy way. Exciting kills, in game secrets, world records, and more can now be recorded with the press of a button and shared with a direct URL. For all the details, check out the official Twitch blog.

Our favorite game right now

We’re definitely not the only ones who have fallen in love with Blizzard’s latest triumph, Overwatch, but we can’t help but want to encourage everyone to play it. The 6v6 multiplayer, objective-based shooter is absolutely gorgeous and features one of the most fun rosters of characters to play as in recent team based shooter memory. Robust enough to cater to veterans, and fun enough for newcomers, it’s the perfect title for players of all kinds! Tweet us and let us know what game you’re loving!

Indie game to check out

Youtubers Life is a tycoon style simulator about becoming a YouTube superstar. While we would encourage you to go out an actually do it for real, this indie title is a fun approximation of what a creator’s life is like. It’s available now on Steam early access if you want to check it out!

Creator spotlight: ShadyPenguinn


Our special creator spotlight: gaming edition this month is ShadyPenguinnJonathan Indovino started his ShadyPenguinn channel in 2013 and it primarily focuses on Pokemon, though he has started to venture into other indie games and one off let’s plays. He has a great series called “Trash or Cash” where he reviews current indie games that his audience suggests. His big personality and comedic style will definitely keep you entertained. He maintains a consistent and frequent upload schedule, coupled with an intense Twitch streaming schedule, making the number of ShadyPeople grow by the day.

Check him out and subscribe: YouTube | Twitter | Twitch