Why you should be on all the video platforms

Just a few years ago, the question “where do you upload your videos?” wasn’t really a thing. “YouTube” was the clear, and only answer. I think it’s fair to say that times are changing.

Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram – just to name a few of the larger platforms you can now upload native video to – and they all continue to improve at rapid speeds. So let me ask again, “where do you upload your videos?”. Hopefully your answer is now “everywhere!”.

Facebook Video

Let’s start with the elephant in the room – Facebook. While some of us old-timers know Facebook as the platform where people complain about how much ice was added to their iced lattes, or where politically-driven arguments rip friendships apart, there has been a major focus on native video content lately. Many creators and publications who are taking advantage of Facebook are seeing more video views than on YouTube, despite having a smaller following – but why?

  • Posts on Facebook are instantly shareable, increasing the chance to go viral
    • This cannot be said about videos on YouTube
  • Facebook’s algorithm seems to favor native videos
  • The platform isn’t flooded with videos. Yet

But I can’t monetize!

This is true, but waiting for monetization to hit Facebook may actually hurt your chances at growing your presence. Until that magical day comes where Facebook turns on the money machine, you should continue (or start) to upload your videos with marketing in mind.

  • Consider uploading shareable clips of your longer videos
    • Make sure to link back to YouTube in the description
  • Focus on building up your Facebook audience
    • You’ll be happy you did once monetization hits

Twitter?! Twitter.

One of the more recent companies to push into the videosphere is Twitter. Until recently, you were able to upload 30 second clips to share with your followers, but that limit was just increase to 140 seconds. I see what you did there, Twitter.

That being said, 140 seconds obviously isn’t enough for many, so Twitter is testing out 10 minute long videos with a select group of creators, and according to a Tweet from Twitter’s COO, monetization is also being tested!

Vine & Instagram

I look at these as micro-video platforms, but they can be incredibly effective if used correctly. Most of us won’t be able to upload our full videos on either Vine or Instagram, but short clips can go a long way! Similar to your pre-monetized Facebook strategy, focus on short, sharable videos that link back to your longer content.

Live video, too?

Just add one more thing to our plates, why don’t you? Live video won’t be for everyone, but many creators have been able to build up their following and drive traffic to their videos through regular broadcasts – whether it’s through Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, or YouTube. We’ll be talking more about live video quite a bit in the future, and stay tuned for live broadcasts from the Fullscreen office!

The Fullscreen Uploader

If you find yourself struggling to publish your videos on multiple platforms, the Fullscreen Uploader within the Creator Platform can help! With a single upload, you can not only design beautiful custom thumbnails, but you can publish your videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion (and soon Twitter).

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