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There are so many incredible content creators out there, and we’re fortunate enough to many of them in our network, so we wanted to carve out this special place where we can highlight some of our favorite new finds that you may not have stumbled across. Each month we’ll be introducing you to five channels from our network, highlighting some tactics they are using to grow, and encouraging you all to check them out, subscribe, and even reach out for collabs!

Welcome to our first ever Community Spotlight – let’s dive in!

Dustin Buck

Dustin Buck is our latest video production inspiration. Dustin makes everything from short form art videos, to narrative films, and has even started experimenting with vlogging! His videos put this storytelling, lighting, editing, and production skills to the test. One of the things we love most about Dustin is his commitment to making beautiful videos, and his willingness to experiment, learn, and keep moving forward!

Check Dustin out: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Shane Gamboa

After a short hiatus from posting, Shane Gamboa is back at it again! Shane’s hilarious energy and passion shine throughout every video he publishes. One his biggest strengths is his knack for collaborating. Shane takes advantage of his awesome circle of friends to work together on videos that are both wildly entertaining, and help reach new audiences. This is definitely a tactic worth thinking more about as you’re trying to grow your own channel!

Go follow Shane: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Steps to Wander

Corbin and Kelsey are taking on the #vanlife. The Wander Wagon (their van), the Wander Bird (their drone), and Viaggio (their scooter) take on 13,000 miles for a roadtrip adventure of a lifetime. To kick off their journey, they completely renovated their van – giving us a full tour of the amazing updates before hitting the road. From Idaho, to YellowStone, across Canada, down the East Coast, through the South, and back up the California Coast to Portland, Corbin and Kelsey are making some pretty incredible memories along the way. Throughout all this, they’ve kept a super consistent upload schedule, releasing a new video up every weekday at 11am Pacific time. This let’s their audience know exactly when to come back.

Wander with Corbin and Kelsey: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram

Food Hero Mimi Kozma

Food Hero Mimi Kozma has every recipe for every occasion. Her videos are deliciously simple, hold your attention throughout, and Mimi spends the time to carefully and thoroughly fill out all of her metadata – specifically with detailed video descriptions containing ingredient lists and full recipes so you can try the dishes out for yourself! This is very important to boost search ranking!

Never miss a meal: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram


Take a look at Reg Vieira’s channel to get caught up on the latest drama at Skull Academy and follow her dolls through the ups and downs of their lives! Her extremely consistent and frequent content allows her audience to always be up to date and continue to binge for hours. Be sure to check her out below!

Join the fun: YouTube