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Here we are again, with another great list of Fullscreen creators for you to check out! This month’s list covers gaming, production, art, dance, and even tarantulas! We’re always looking to discover new and interesting channels in our network so we can share them with the world, but also so we can showcase the strategies and best practices they implement that help them grow meaningful and engaged fans on all their platforms.

Let’s jump in!

Viva La Dirt League

Viva La Dirt League is a perfect mixture of comedy, gaming, sketches, and music videos – all wrapped in that wonderful dry Kiwi sensibility. The New Zealand-based group is comprised of Alan, Rowan, & Adam – and they have been consistently making videos for a solid 5 years. One of their strongest suits is how they split their content into different series and clearly organize them into playlists on their YouTube channel. Check out their latest series Epic NPC Man to get a good idea of their content!

Join the League: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Dysfunctional Films

Calling all filmmakers! Dysfunctional Films has tips, tricks and tutorials to help you improve your channel and sharpen your production skills. These Canadian students decided to band together and create a channel about the thing they love the most: film. They cover everything from gear, to software, to VFX tutorials, to storytelling, and even sprinkle fun short films in there once and a while. We love how clear they are about what kind of content you’re going to get on their channel, this helps the audience know exactly what to expect and want to keep coming back. Do you have a clear concept for your channel?

Check them out: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Tarantula Dan

If you get squeamish at the sight of giant spiders and other creepy crawly creatures, then Tarantula Dan may not be for you. Dan makes videos about all sorts of animals from tarantula’s to scorpions and more – covering everything from feedings, housing, breeding, handling, general care, and unboxing videos. He has a solid posting schedule that he sticks to every week, posting videos almost every day. His frequency and consistency have led to some substantial growth over the years. Are you brave enough to check out his channel?!

Crawl along: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

B-Boy Network

The B-Boy Network covers all things break dancing – from events, to battles, and more! Checkout their channel to stay up to date and see interviews from New York, New Jersey, and Washington. Their channel logo is clean, colorful, and unique – use them as inspiration for your own channels logo and keep an eye out for their complete coverage of B-Boy events!

Dance with B-Boy: YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Baylee Jae

Baylee Jae’s channel showcases her awesome art – from timelapse illustrations to tutorials, Baylee is incredibly creative and passionate. The enthusiasm and passion she feels towards her art comes out in her voiceovers keeping her audience engaged and keeping them coming back for more. She also takes advantage of other social media platforms to engage and grow her audience. Check out her channel below and get inspired!

Follow her: YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook