Emojis on YouTube?!

Emojis. We use them to express emotion 🙃 , we describe our food with them 🍆 , and even use them – sometimes many of them – on our social posts. But what about on YouTube? Well, up until recently, there wasn’t much support for our tiny little friends, but that’s starting to change.

Emoji it up! 👆

Now that YouTube is starting to support emojis, it’s time to throw a few in your titles and descriptions – but just like actual words, you must comply with YouTube’s community guidelines; don’t use too many, and only include relevant emojis. You don’t want YouTube to strike you with the ban🔨.

Emojis are search-friendly 🔍

One of the interesting things about emojis on YouTube, is that they can now be used to search for videos, and it appears that YouTube uses the word associated with the emoji, rather than looking for the emoji, itself. For example, a search with the 🍔  emoji will return videos about burgers, while searching for 🍠  will return…actually I have no idea. Does anybody know what that thing is? Let us know on Twitter!

Knowing this, you’re now able to shorten the titles of your videos, and provide an added visual for potential viewers.

“Cooking up some burgers for Labor Day” can be changed to “Cooking up some 🍔  for Labor Day! 🇺🇸”

We’ve seen success with emojis 📈

Behind the scenes, we’ve been running a few tests to determine the effectiveness of using emojis on YouTube. While the analytics don’t currently show when an emoji directly leads to a view, our studies have been mostly positive – and in some cases, we’ve seen a few videos spike in views shortly after adding in relevant emojis.

Using emojis on your computer 🖥

Ready to do this? There are two ways to start using emojis from your desktop.

Mac: Hold down Command + Control, then press your spacebar. A window should pop up with ALL THE EMOJIS! 🎉

If that doesn’t work, or you’re on Windows, head over to GetEmoji.com, copy, paste, enjoy!

Disclaimers 🚨

  • As with ‘real words’, making changes to the metadata of your existing videos can prompt YouTube to reset their position in search, leading to a [usually temporary] drop in views.
  • While most devices support emojis, some may have difficulties displaying certain symbols.