What is Vlogmas, and why should you do it

The holiday season is officially here! It’s hard to believe 2016 is about to wrap up, and what a year it’s been! We hope it’s felt like a successful and productive year for you. Even though the end of the year is upon us, there’s still a lot to take advantage of this month. With CPMs higher than ever, Vlogmas is crazy popular during December, and we’re here to talk about all of it. Let’s jump in!

Holiday CPMs are high. Take advantage!

The end of the year brings some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that end of year CPMs are among some of the highest of the year. Wondering what a CPM is? We wrote a piece about it a while ago that should help you make sense of it. The gist is that it’s the amount advertisers pay to have their ad served against a particular video per 1,000 views 💰.

The bad news is that directly following the end of the year CPM highs, are the beginning of the year CPM lows. Sometimes we call this the CPM blues 😩. But don’t worry, everyone feels this pain, and it’s completely normal, so don’t fret. Just take a deep breath and create through it! Here’s a look at some data we pulled to show you how CPMs function across our whole network (see, you’re not alone).

Fullscreen CPM graph

So how can you take advantage of these raising CPMs here in the last month of the year? In a word, the answer is create. Create. Create. Create. And what better way to challenge yourself to create, than Vlogmas.

What is Vlogmas?

Our friend Lizzy does a pretty awesome job of breaking it down in the video above. In short, Vlogmas is the challenge to release a video on your channel every day in December. The reason this makes even more sense in the month of December is because of those nice high CPMs we mentioned earlier.

More videos, equals more views, which equals more opportunities for revenue.

So should you do it? Should you take part in Vlogmas? We certainly think so! Even apart from making more revenue, challenging yourself to make a video each day can be really rewarding, and you could end up creating some of your favorite content ever!

Here are a few content ideas to get your brain juices flowing:

  • A look back at 2016
  • Gift ideas
  • Holiday party attire ideas
  • Holiday food

Be sure to send your Vlogmas videos over to us on Twitter and use the tag #FullscreenVlogmas so we can see the awesome things you’re making!