Hello Super Chat, goodbye Fan Funding

YouTube announced today that it is officially discontinuing Fan Funding, and introducing a brand new tool called Super Chat. We’ve been feeling the effects of a deprioritized Fan Funding tool for quite some time, and it’s nice to get the official word that it is no longer going to be available to creators.

So what is Super Chat? Let’s jump in and give you the basics!

Creator, fan connection

Essentially Super Chat will let any fan watching your live stream on YouTube (including YouTube Gaming) pay to pin a comment to the top of your chat. The comment will be highlighted and stand out from the other comments. It can stay pinned for up to 5 hours – and from what we can tell the more you pay, the longer it stays pinned. The idea behind this is to build a stronger connection with super fans, by not only letting viewers connect with their favorite creators, but also letting them offer financial support.


More revenue

This brings us to another very important part about Super Chat: revenue. As creators, you’re always looking for new ways to make money. With the creator landscape changing by the day, and more and more people jumping into the already HUGE pool of people making content, finding a new way to make a little money is always welcome. Fan Funding was supposed to solve for this problem, but according to YouTube, it never really made much of a dent except during live streams – hence the new feature being released exclusively for your broadcasts.

Must moderate

Upon hearing about this new tool, we immediately noticed the issue of trolling that may arise. Currently there is nothing stopping someone from paying to pin a hateful comment to the top of your feed for everyone to see. However, all the moderation tools that are currently available for YouTube will also be available for your live streams. So be sure to be vigilant and blacklist harmful words, and ban violating users. You know what they say, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” So be sure to moderate and keep your chats safe!

We’re always excited to see YouTube come up with new tools for creators, and we want to learn with you how to best utilize those tools to earn money, grow meaningful audiences, and be the best creator you can be. Super Chat is in beta with a few channels at the moment, and will be widely available to creators by January 31st. You can read more about it here.

And as always, let us know what you think about Super Chat, and once you can use it, be sure to share with us any tips or tricks you learn along the way!