Office Hours recap – a failed stream

On Wednesday, February 8th, we attempted the first Office Hours of 2017. It was set to be a great one, with interesting topics on growth and informative news on YouTube’s latest addition of mobile streaming to the platform.

We went live – then it disconnected.

We went live again – then it disconnected again.

We repeated this pattern two more times before finally launching a successful (or so we thought) stream, in which we discussed each topic in detail and had a blast doing it! Did we think it was odd that no one asked questions? Yes – we sure did! But we were happy with the stream and the information we provided, so we started to wrap things up. It was at this moment, just after saying our “Goodbyes” and pressing the “Finish” button, that we realized the stream had in fact froze just moments after launch.

No one saw it. No one.

It may have been the best stream in the world but in a moment resembling Tenacious D’s Tribute: This is not the greatest stream in the world, no. This is just a tribute.


These are issues just about anyone can face, and unfortunately even tech companies fall prey to wi-fi issues. To solve these issues going forward, we’re looking into options, such as the ability to go live on Facebook from our desktops. This way we can hard-wire into the internet, and not be reliant on wi-fi issues.

We’re terribly sorry about the false promises for a great stream. We’re set to try again next Wednesday, February 15th (aka single’s awareness day). Until then, we’ll be making sure we don’t run into more connectivity issues.

Be sure to leave comments below, or tweet us at @FullscreenNet with suggestions on what you’d like to chat about next time!