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It’s important to create content that plays to the strengths of each platform. Whether it’s implementing interactive text captions or creating a custom thank you for your Instagram followers after reaching a goal, the approach to each platform should be unique. This week, let’s #LookBack at some platform-specific posts from Universal’s Sing, Bravo’s Top Chef, and Showtime’s Homeland.

Animation, Text Layout: Jon Rice | Facebook

Client: Universal, Illumination

Client Ask: Promote clips from the film to excite fans for the release of Sing on Blu-ray and DVD.

Visual Solution: Short film clips overlaid with interactive text captions. Playful text treatments further engage our fans and can increase the audience retention and percentage of users who turn audio on. These videos with interactive text captions average about 30% of users “with sound”, well then average is typically less than 20%!

Styling: Kate Edwards; Photography: Basil Vargas; Design/Editing: Allie Brunton |Instagram

Client: Bravo Top Chef

Client Ask: There actually was no client ask on this front!!  Because McBeard is so awesome and amazing, our team anticipated a need for this asset and wanted to show the client that we were thinking ahead, in addition to going above and beyond and gifting them!
Visual Solution: What better way to celebrate hitting 100k followers on Top Chef than with a food pun!! Top Chef’s instagram account has long been the home to wonderful food puns and wordplay, in addition to beautiful food focused photography. Continuing the clean aesthetic of the Top Chef style, we styled the lettuce to highlight the number “100K” as the hero of the graphic. We knew that adding in the typography and simple subtle illustrative elements would truly top it off. Not only was the client pleased, they were so thrilled that they circulated this creative internally amongst all of Bravo. Now that’s a reason to celebrate! 😉

By:  Jesse Cantu Jr. and Sierra Sandler | Instagram

Client: Showtime: Homeland

Client Ask: Showtime wanted to make a splash with the 6th season of one of their flagship programs, Homeland. This season returned to the United States and began operations in New York. To celebrate the return, Showtime wanted to create an Instagram page that referenced a beloved Homeland moment– Carrie’s Wall, a collection of color-coded photos, notes, and clues that helped piece together a major plotline from the first season. How could we update this iconic wall while incorporating images and plot from the newest season to build buzz for the premiere of Season 6?

Visual Solution: As big fans of Carrie Mathison and knowing the important role she plays at the protagonist in the series, we created a Grid-Image from her POV that is visually pleasing and engaging to fans when viewed both at the individual post level, and full profile. Each post offers a sneak peek or clue into what is happening in the newest episode. Cross-promotion through Showtime’s separate accounts ensured that the stunt was a success.