THE 365: WEEK OF 3/13/17

Happy anniversary! Scroll down to see what these folks have learned since starting.

Amy Boyer, Jr. Project Manager:

1 – Speak up! Ask for the resources that will help you do your job better, ask for help when you need it, have confidence in your knowledge and ideas.

2 – You know what your strengths are. Let them inform your path. Use them to your (and your team’s) advantage.

3 – Put your phone down and turn off as many notifications as possible.

Chris Mengay, Sales Strategist:

1 – Ask questions and be vocal. There’s no better way to learn. Speaking up in meetings, sharing honest experiences, and challenging the status quo is crucial to our shared success.

2 – Say yes. Being open to new experiences and working with people across the Fullscreen organization has helped me to better understand how it all fits together.

3 – Have fun. A positive, collaborative culture where people are valued and feel comfortable being themselves makes this a great place to work!

Peter Soldinger, Creative Strategist:

1 – Always search for the emotional connection.

2 – Lowest barrier of entry wins.

3 – Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk.

We appreciate you!