Production Tips: Sound matters

In the last Production Tips post, we discussed how an affordable lighting setup could greatly improve the overall quality of your videos – which means the next topic we need to cover is sound. Having good sound quality in your videos is imperative because if people can’t hear you due to low audio or loud ambient noise, you’re going to struggle to keep their attention.

Luckily there are some really easy fixes for this. Whether you’re using the mic on your phone, or stepping it up to a produce something serious, here are some tips that may help you out.

Your phone

This is a great option for anyone getting started because almost everyone has a phone in their pockets, and most smartphones today have various recording apps that can be used to capture sound. You can also purchase very affordable, wired lavs and attach those to the phone to place the mic directly on you. We’ll discuss lav mics a bit more below. Learn more about syncing audio here.

USB mics

There are a wide variety of microphones and headsets that plug directly into the computer, so this is a great setup for anyone who is gaming or working in a stationary setting. These mics can be placed very close to the subject and provide great quality sound. Of course, the only downside to this option is that you must always be tethered to the computer to make it work.

Here are a few solid USB mics we recommend:

Lav mics

If you need to be further away from the camera but still want to sound very close, then a lav mic may be a great option for you! In both wired and wireless versions, the mic is placed directly onto your clothes and sits in close proximity of your mouth to ensure that you can be heard. The major downside to lav mics is that if you move a lot, the mic may rub against your clothes and cause some unwanted noise.

Some good options for lav mics:

Shotgun mics

These mics are some of the most versatile around and can be used in various scenarios. Often mounted to the camera, the shotgun mic is pointed directly towards you and is great for in-room setups and on-the-go vlogging. The only issue here is distance. While better than the on-camera mic, as you move further and further away, the mic will naturally start to pick up more ambient sound or whatever else it captures in its field.

Check out these shotgun mics:

There we go! Just a few, basic options that could greatly improve the audio quality in your next video! Let us know if you’re enjoying our Production Tips series and be sure to show us your audio setup by tweeting us a picture at @FullscreenNet!