Brands Fighting New Battles on New Fronts

Abraham Maslow said in 1966, “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Maslow wasn’t predicting the state of agencies 50 years in the future — but his observations about the human tendency to keep using the tools with which we’re most familiar holds true. As traditional advertising agencies and media companies face the changing needs of brands in the social age, many are struggling as they attempt to use the tools of the past.

Fullscreen is an outsider –– in both the worlds of marketing and entertainment. There’s something attractive about an outsider, a confident misfit who doesn’t play by everyone else’s rules. Fullscreen is such a magnetizing place because it’s an epicenter of 24/7 energy generated between creators and their young fans, who push us to build meaningful connections that go beyond telling a story to instead drive conversation, and incite movement. It’s a forward motion catalyst for intuitive, innovative brands that have the vision to see a new way to go to market founded in new audience behavior and the humility to embrace consumer control over their media consumption.

As an outsider, we push ourselves to do things a little differently. Fullscreen won’t be attending New Fronts this year, an unusual move for a major player in our space. New Fronts has been a success for us in the past –– but as social video continues its relentless growth in demand from both consumers and advertisers, brands are moving away from leading with interruptive advertising, to adding value to the story –– and Fullscreen wants to talk about it with them. The more brands tap into their humanity and understand the reality of media consumption in this new world, the more they will build a better model and foster relationships with their audiences by meeting them on their terms.

Young millennial and Gen Z audiences behave differently than the generations that came before them. Our research, data, and direct experience with this new generation of fans and fandoms make this abundantly clear. Our mission is to help our partners break through the clutter and move beyond the ordinary.

With that goal in mind, we will be sharing recently completed original audience research with brand partners in a series of productive, intimate dinner events. We couldn’t be more excited about the market forces at play and are confident our findings, social audience insights, content experimentation, and award-winning creative will change the way brands go to market in the next few years.