Office Hours Recap – 3.15.17

In this week’s Office Hours, we went over – well, quite a bit, so I highly suggest you watch the video to get a grasp on all the information we discussed.

But if you don’t have time, then here’s a breakdown.

The mysterious case of the sub box

Let’s be honest here – no one knows what’s going on with YouTube’s subscription box! So, when you’re creating content for YouTube, you need to think about the overall flow of your story. How are you grabbing the viewer’s attention in the beginning of your video and keeping them engaged throughout? Take a look at your video analytics – specifically, your retention. Are people tuning out after the first thirty seconds? Or do you see any other significant drops in retention? Also, are these drops common in most of your videos? If so, change up the format a bit, get to the point a little faster, and make sure the overall energy of your video is maintained from beginning to end.

Jon’s switch to Twitch with the Nintendo Switch

Wow! That’s a tongue-twister. Anyways, Jon recently decided to start streaming live on Twitch after using YouTube gaming for some time. He discussed it with his audience, ran a poll, got their feedback, did a few test streams, and finally made the decision to change. Moving ahead, he’ll now be live streaming on Twitch, while his one-off, pre-recorded videos will continue to be uploaded to YouTube. Engage with your audience – see what they like, learn where they are, and test your content on those platforms. The ones you genuinely like are the ones you should keep doing. Get rid of the rest.

Are you a Twitcher? Or a YouTube Gamer?

You won’t believe it when you read it! (not clickbait)

Clickbait can be good. I know, it’s hard to believe, but if done right and with respect to your audience, it can be an effective way to draw viewers in. Don’t lie. Don’t stretch the truth. Instead, think of your video’s thumbnail and title as a movie poster – you want to highlight the main part of the story and draw people’s attention in. With the title, you have some room to play! Use your words to draw them in but make sure that you deliver on your video’s title.

Here’s a great article that expands a bit more on why using click bait could be useful.

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