To honor Alec McNayr being named to AdAge’s 40 Under 40 list, we asked 40 employees to describe Alec in under 40 words:

There’s no greater architect of creativity, culture, and care. Alec brings us into the future with every daily conversation – he inspires us to be our best and create the best for our clients. – Ashley Smith, Account Services Director

You’ve empowered us to speak up when we wanted to pitch something we really believed in, defended us when our work was questioned by clients who didn’t get it, and kept spirits light through your incredible humor. – Nikki Jagerman, Creative Producer

Need a good idea? Talk to Alec. Stuck on how to approach a business opportunity? Talk to Alec. Need someone to cheer you up? Talk to Alec. Seriously, this guy does it all, and it’s not even annoying. IT’S AMAZING. – Creedance Kresch, Account Director

Alec is a brilliant, innovative leader. He takes time to appreciate those around him and leads by example to build a space where every idea is celebrated. He inspires us to work hard, think big, and treat others with kindness. – Hannah Montplaisir, Senior Creative Accounts Manager

There’s nobody more deserving. Congrats to Alec McNayr – he’s not just the Mc of McBeard, he’s a next-level innovator, operator, and leader. – Alan Beard, CMO, Fullscreen

A creative genius, natural leader, master public speaker, and Dad of the Year to his beautiful daughters. – Shannon Adkins, Account Manager

Alec is an intentional leader; putting his people at forefront of every decision he makes. They feel invested in, valued, and trusted to do great and innovate work together. Yvonne Tran-MacDonald, Project Manager

Alec, thanks to you, the world is learning more about what we do. Thanks to the wonderful culture you have fostered, we enjoy an 85% retention rate. With you at the helm, our future is very bright. – Maurice Ferkranus, Technology Director

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Alec is “inclusive”. He always puts our culture and community at the forefront of all big discussions, and makes sure every voice is heard. – Mallory Holcomb, Account Coordinator

Alec once explained the digital media evolution like a bed time story he would tell his kids. It’s the perfect example of how he works: turning every message into a story and treating everyone he works with like family. – Meredith Avery, Account Director

He is without a doubt the real MVP who would break the trophy into a thousand pieces to share his appreciation for the team that helps his vision become reality. – Phil Jones, Account Manager

Alec is the realest. He’s approachable and thoughtful. He values everyone’s opinion and puts employee morale first. He makes our culture what it is today. – Kendyl Klein, Content Marketing Specialist

Alec is like a cool dad except he’s not my dad. – Carly Moore, Jr. Engagement Strategist

Alec is able to always inspire in a way that is genuine and motivating for all he encounters. Everything is possible. His leadership and dedication truly bring out the best in our teams and therefore our company as a whole.- Emily Richardson, Senior Director of Operations

CONGRATS, Alec! You made it “under-the-hill” Thanks for your leadership and great story-telling/creating. – Mahla Hoffbeck, HR Generalist

“Alec McNayr is one of the most futuristic leaders I know. His unique vision has guided us through change, growth and glory. He can see through the fog before it clears, and captures our imaginations until we can, too.” – Danie Rowles, Executive Assistant

I was surprised on my first day when Alec came to introduce himself and to tell me how happy he was I was on the team. The founder cared I was there! Perfect example of the boss he is. – Sunny Ziemer, Operations Coordinator

Alec – both an amazing boss and friend! one of the most intentional people i know, and truly CARES for people. also, he is incredibly funny! – Alice Thomas, Creative Director

At our crowded all team days, when a new hire asks “Is anyone sitting there?” the exuberant answer, from the whole group, is “You are!” That’s the culture Alec brings to our team: collaboration, enthusiasm, and appreciation. – Christina Scamporrino, Jr. Art Director

Alec recognizes brilliance in people before almost anyone. He never doubts his team, takes chances on their ideas, and is unafraid of mistakes. His trust has built a company of smart creatives who have the guts to change the game. – Tiana Kupinski, Creative Account Manager

Alec redefines what a modern day renaissance man is. Jack of all trades, sure. (Necessary startup requirement.) But he’s also a master identifier/encourager of talent, developer of culture, and leadership swiss army knife – that’s what makes him a lynchpin. – Darnell Brisco, Senior Director of Accounts

You feel the trust, support, and confidence from Alec in the space that he gives his team. If you see an opportunity, he makes the necessary room to create, experiment, and achieve awesome personal, professional and creative success. – Heather Sundell, Director of Marketing

You don’t build a company or culture like this by accident. Alec strikes the perfect balance between constantly forward-thinking while remaining focused on the people before all else. He leads by example, and great work subsequently follows. – Katherine Youngdale, Account Director

His balance of business skills, marketing brilliance, and emotional intelligence are what set him apart. I don’t know how he does it all, so I can only make sense of it like this: #Superman. – Lindsay Coburn, HR Director

Although I have yet to work with Alec directly, when in NY he is always incredibly welcoming and friendly. Alec is an open-minded individual who demonstrates genuine excitement when being shared ideas with, regardless of the position or account. – Brian Finkelstein, Social Video Coordinator

“Alec has fostered an environment for people with left brains, right brains, left and right brains. He’s really created a great place for everyone (with a brain).” – Olivia Taylor, Marketing Coordinator

Alec’s all about unity, making sure everyone succeeds together and enjoys the job we do together. – Jeff Hwang, Social Video Coordinator

You’ve seen that quote about everyone having the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce? I think we need to substitute her name out for Alec McNayr. -Kate Edwards, Creative Producer

Alec is such an inspiring and creative leader. I appreciate that he is always willing to listen and open to all of our creative ideas. His values and connectedness are at the core of our company’s culture. – David Chang, Producer

Alec is the epitome of what it means to be relentless: relentless in his expectation for excellence at every step, every level; relentless in being the kind of leader that contributes and guides and encourages; and relentless in nurturing a company culture that is, in a word, remarkable. Veronica Merrick, Business Development Manager

What an amazing accomplishment, Alec! Your gumption and leadership are what keep our team motivated, inspired, and always striving to do better. I’m honored to work with you each and everyday. – Alli Guglielmino, Senior Account Manager

Alec is the.best.storyteller.ever and perfectly combines art and science. Everything he does is as areal thoughtful, and caring human, not for himself, but for his team. – Jennifer Fisher, Senior Director of Accounts

Creative people lose their keys. Creative people send confusing emails. Etc. Etc. Wrong. Alec’s work ethic and creative drive remove the safe shelter of right brain/left brain, and set a standard for originality and execution that sets us apart. – Joel Lopata, Producer

Alec is a super positive guy, always puts his people first, and leads us with a humility and honesty that’s really rare in our industry. – Kenny Chapman, Graphic Designer

Alec is an incredible leader who operates with the utmost integrity. His humble swagger sets him apart from others in the industry and makes him someone fun to follow! – Lynette Weaver, Operations Generalist

Alec is the kind of guy you want in your professional and personal life. He models what it means to be a great teammate, a caring mentor, an empathetic friend, a dedicated dad and a loving husband. He’s ? – Kailey Howell, Creative Director, Fullscreen

Alec possesses a brilliant mind, a sharp wit, and a kind soul. He leads by example and maximizes the talent of people around him. Must be tough to be so well liked by your employees but he handles it gracefully. – Jaime Olaez, Creative Producer

You know you have an inspiring, one-of-a-kind leader when all good words feel subpar to how great he actually is. Alec, no 40 words can quite do you justice – Susie Park, Project Manager

I love listening to Alec speak. His energy and passion are contagious. He makes you want to do your best work. – Roxy Rad, Graphic Designer

Alec always makes time for everybody. He’ll stop by your desk and ask how things are going even though he’s probably the busiest guy in the company. Also his PowerPoint presentations are legendary. – Riley Trela, Account Manager

Congratulations, Alec!