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We’re back for round 2 and this week it’s all about Instagram. McBeard co-founder and leader, Alec McNayr, lets us in on his insta habits (spoiler alert: he’s a cool dad) and V.P. of Accounts, Jenn Fisher, shares how she can find magic, even in the mundane follows. Can we get a double tap?

Alec McNayr –  Founder and Leader of McBeard

Preferred Platform: I love Instagram for personal posting (read: easiest way to see photos of my kids) and Twitter for tracking up-to-the-minute news and of course, comedy jokes. I also love Medium for the long reads… so much good business and sports writing happening there.

Favorite Handles:

@KirbyJenner on Instagram

@AdWeak on Twitter

The Ringer on Medium

Outlier: The App by BJ Novak

Jennifer Fisher – Vice President of Accounts

Preferred Platform: Instagram

Favorite Handles:

We all worked for Wendy at Coca Cola and she is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Wendy is a CEO – but also a mom/wife/friend and a normal, happy person. I find her posts inspirational and mundane at the same time. One post shows Wendy talking with Hillary Clinton about her brand – and the next shows Wendy at her kid’s ballet recital.

LOVE the social commerce play in each post, actually monetizing social in a real way.