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As a YouTuber, no doubt you’ve felt it. That annoying urge to just give it all up, retire early, and live out the rest of your life in a log cabin far away from everything. Why is it that we feel this way? The answer is actually quite simple, and somewhat selfish. Money and popularity; the two larger reasons why people start YouTube in the first place, and usually the main reasons they quit. Today, I’m here to help encourage three different YouTubers. Those that are just starting their YouTube adventure, those that have been creating on YouTube with (what feels like) little to no success, and finally those that are gaining subscribers and seeing their viewership rise, yet feel a sense of emptiness or discouragement.

Finding joy

I would like to start off by discussing something I found very important to my own personal YouTube experience: finding joy in what you do.To this day, I still struggle to maintain 100% joy in what I do on YouTube, and it’s quite difficult to express joy in tough situations. Make sure you ask yourself why you are creating on YouTube and spending all this time creating content. If your answer is to seek satisfaction, to find fortune, or to become popular, well, you aren’t going to end up with any of that. Now, this isn’t to say you will never come across these things in your YouTube adventure, but there’s one simple focus; a drive you must have before any of that comes. Joy. Pleasure. Contentment.

Had I known this 5 years ago, it would’ve saved me 3 years of painful grinding. Yes, there may be money, new followers, and various different things that will bring you temporary satisfaction, but what good is any of that stuff if you didn’t enjoy the journey that brought these bonuses to you? If you aren’t going to enjoy the YouTube experience, and only seek what comes from it, you will never find what you’re looking for.

Be yourself

Next up, that fantastic and wonderful thing called personality. I cannot stress enough how important it is to express your personality and NO, not that fake stage personality you slap on before your performance, the REAL you. As cheesy and cliché as this must sound, I’ve got to say it. Be yourself. Funny thing about that cliché is that since everyone knows it, you’d expect people to actually go with it, but they don’t. The feeling of people enjoying your content for who you really are is one of the greatest feelings. There are always moments where we look at other YouTubers and try to copy them, not for flattery, but because we know that their personality and content worked for them, therefore, it must work for me as well. Don’t ever buy into that. You are so incredibly unique, you have something new to bring to the table that no one else does, and we, as the viewers, look forward to that. Come as you are, not as you wish you were.

Money and popularity

Finally, lets end this by going back and addressing the two topics I mentioned at the very beginning: money and popularity. One of the those makes the world goes round, and the other allows you to stand atop that spinning world. The two topics we covered today, joy and personality, are priceless. The YouTuber experience is not about seeing that monthly paycheck. If that was the case, I would definitely not want to be in it. Rather, the YouTuber experience is about creating community. It’s about passing your joy in creating entertainment for others so that they, too, might find some joy. It’s about people discovering you in a world of content, and shining a spotlight on yourself to show who you are, and why you’re excited to create the content you do. It’s about standing up amidst the greedy, the power-hungry, the control freaks, and showing that you aren’t going to be like that. It’s about waking up with new, fun ideas, and then laying down at night proud of the job you did. It’s the frustration of something not being absolutely the way you wanted it to be, using every fiber in your being to stay up and edit a video. It’s about making friends you can trust. It’s impossible for me to even attempt to explain the joy that I find in being a YouTuber. That’s a feeling that you need to experience for yourself.

I hope that in some way I was able to encourage you with your pursuit of your YouTube dream. Although you’ve more than likely heard most of what I’ve said here, I just want you to know from my own personal experience, that this YouTube adventure is worth it. Don’t let others get you down, don’t let YouTube’s changing rules change YOU. YouTube doesn’t promise you anything, but if you’re willing to put in the time and the effort, finding the joy in being a YouTuber is a promise you’ll discover. Thank you for reading.

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