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Greetings, creators! One of the questions we see quite regularly is “As a smaller channel, how can my videos get discovered?” On an ever-growing platform like YouTube, discovery becomes more difficult with each passing day, and unless you’re producing wildly unique content, many of your videos will get buried amongst the millions that are uploaded each week. While we have a set of proprietary algorithms which looks for up-and-coming creators, it’s impossible to catch them all.

That’s why we’re launching a new initiative called Tiny Channels. Big Challenges to find creators who live and think outside the box. Each month we’ll be launching a new challenge, each with a different theme. Some will be serious, some will be funny, and some will push you to really think about your content a bit differently.


Your task is to create a single video that touches on all three of the topics above; showers (rain), flowers, and slime. Whether you show each item or simply talk about it, the more creative and professional you get, the better chance you’ll catch our attention.

Why slime? For some unexplainable reason, slime videos are taking off on YouTube – so even if you don’t take 1st place, there’s a good chance you’ll see some extra views.

Who’s eligible?

To keep things focused on smaller channels, we’re launching with a subscriber cap. Any Fullscreen Creator with less than 500,000 subscribers is free to participate. As the months go on, we’ll revisit this cap and adjust it accordingly.

What’s up for grabs?

Since this initiative is all about discovery, we’re offering the following to winners each month:

  • A chat with a talent manager to discuss strategy
  • Promotion on our social account(s)
  • A writeup on our blog
  • TubeBuddy license
  • The option to judge the next month’s challenge

As the months go on, we may introduce additional prizes.

We’re judging you…

No, really! Each challenge will be judged by members of the Fullscreen staff and select creators – including the previous winner.


Videos must be submitted by 11:59PM PDT on 05/31/2017.

Official Rules:

  • Challenges are open creators in the Fullscreen Network
  • Participants must be over 18 and a legal US resident
  • Only creators with less than 50,000 subscribers will be eligible to win
  • All three topics must be used or discussed in the submission
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube then submitted by the challenge’s end date to qualify
  • You may upload your video as Public or Unlisted
  • Videos can be any length
  • Read the official rules here