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The title says it all – Twitter has come to the Fullscreen Uploader to further empower your multi-platform strategies, sitting alongside YouTube, Facebook, and Dailymotion.

Multi-platform world

As we’ve previously discussed, if you’re looking to grow your online presence and revenue, YouTube cannot be your only focus. Facebook and Twitter can play a major part in building up an audience on other platforms, while still driving traffic back to YouTube.

Short and sweet

Twitter currently limits API uploads to 160 seconds (2:40), but will soon increase that limit to 10 minutes. Regardless, attention spans are at all time lows, and if the Vine era has taught us anything, it’s that short-form content is king!

Of course, not every creator will be able to limit their videos to 160 seconds, so to help you create shareable clips, our engineers are hard at work on a clipping tool. Stay tuned for that.

Get uploading!

Is your next video ready to rock? Head over to the Fullscreen Uploader and get publishing. Not yet part of the family? Check out what we offer.