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This morning, Instagram announced four new features for stories: face filters (like Snapchat), clickable hashtags, reverse video, and an eraser tool. We did our reading and research so you don’t have to. Here’s the full breakdown of new features, the initial response, and what it really means for social strategy.


  • Face Filters: Instagram Stories now provide users with the augmented reality filters that Snapchat uses. From a butterfly crown to airbrushed makeup, IG Stories now offers the exact features as Snapchat.
  • Clickable Hashtags: The biggest UX change, most authentic they announced this morning is the ability to add a clickable hashtag to your stories. When clicked, viewers will be taken to a page of posts related to that hashtag, just as they would with a static Instagram. This update will impact content curation within the platform.
  • Reverse Video: You can now edit your Instagram Story videos to play in reverse, a longtime feature of Snapchat videos.
  • Eraser Tool: A pen that can erase drawings on your story (similar, but not quite the same as Snapchat’s new magic eraser tool).


Several users who had access to these filters before they officially came out have mentioned that the filters are less responsive to movement and don’t stay in the correct place as well as Snapchat’s. Despite these technical differences, many speculate that this final Snapchat feature that has been added to Instagram may be the final way to halt Snapchat growth, moving all users over to Instagram.