In round 3, Lauren Dubinsky, V.P Social Strategy, and, Video Labs Director, Jordan Benedict, open up about their social habits. This week, we’re talking about re-framing the perception of women, keeping up with the latest entertainment news, and learning the truth about how hard it is to actually take care of that succulent.

Lauren DubinskyVP, Social Strategy

Preferred platform: I am most active on Twitter and Instagram. I can’t pick a favorite. That’s like being asked which of my two cats is my favorite.

Favorite Handles: Young women are still misunderstood by brands and marketing teams, and love.watts and @plastik help push my brain to understand them from a weird creative perspective. @houseplantjournal is an account I love because it de-glamorizes the plant-as-decor trend and shows how much devotion it takes to really care for something that’s alive.




Jordan BenedictDirector, Video Labs

Preferred platform: Twitter (Sorry, I get my bite-sized info for the day there!)

Favorite Handles: I love to be in the know and I feel these accounts give me that opportunity. I’m a junkie for film and media as well as technology, but on the other side of the coin, I love sports and hip hop. These handles give me a chance to stay up to date in nice bite size ways!