Growing GE’s YouTube Channel: Engagement & Subscriber Acquisition


General Electric (GE) planned and produced a TV series called “GE In The Wild” to drive awareness of GE’s position as a leader in the tech-sci space with regards to their technologies, employees and partners across eight industries.


The goal was to drive awareness of GE’s position as a tech-sci leader influencing and guiding the way with their technologies, employees and partnerships across eight industries. The aim was to reach three key audiences, each of which had desired actions and some of which are notoriously difficult to identify and reach –  business decision makers, potential investors and STEM associates. Fullscreen was  entrusted to add GE to investors’ consideration set, put GE on the radar for business decision makers whose responsibilities include making upward recommendations and ensuring that, on top of those audience sets, we would place “GE In The Wild” in front of sci-tech enthusiasts who are most likely to engage with this compelling and shareable content.


Working in tandem with Fullscreen Video Labs, the team that manages the GE YouTube channel, we utilized a mix of TrueView In-Stream and Discovery to achieve awareness and engagement, drive earned views and earned subscribers to the GE YouTube channel. Fullscreen’s targeting strategy was heavily researched in order to uncover lookalike audiences related to science, tech and business companies and brands. This included Wall Street Journal, Boeing, Business Insider, Just Planes and Make Magazine. In addition, we used a proprietary keyword generator tool to bid against specific, long-tail keywords centered around “science” and “innovation.” The final piece of the puzzle was creating promo content for series that was endemic to the YouTube environment to raise awareness.


Fullscreen’s innovative targeting tactics and expertly optimized videos proved key in achieving GE’s KPIs. By reaching a solid understanding before launch about what metrics indicate what type of results, we manually optimized towards the client’s main KPIs of channel growth through user and subscriber acquisition.

The Discovery asset helped drive an 112% EV:V rate, which well exceeded our benchmark of 27% for Discovery. That means for every 10 paid views, there were more than 11 organic views on the GE YouTube channel generated from the creative. This significant growth was spurred from specific targeting groups, namely GE and Just Planes lookalike audiences, re-targeting users who engaged with previous GE content and proprietary keywords centered around “innovation.”

In addition, we saw great success from our leaderboard targeting around science and technology and GE lookalike audiences that helped drive ES:V at a 1.26% and 1.51% rate, respectively. Together with the InStream portion, which also showed a 3.8% EV:V rate, the high engagement demonstrated our ability to really pinpoint and hit GE’s audience, users that were clearly interested in the creative and subsequently wanted to engage with more content on the YouTube channel.