An introvert at VidCon

This past weekend I did something completely out of my normal introvert-bubble, and attended the 8th annual VidCon in Anaheim, California!

Now, don’t get me wrong – attending VidCon is something that I’ve always wanted to do, but my overall fear of public speaking and my general awkwardness has kept me from ever actually having the strength to pack my bags and go. However, with a little reassurance from the Fullscreen team and a pat on the back from my creative friends – I went.

It was humid. It was loud. It was hectic. It was thrilling.

VidCon had a little bit of everything you’d expect: Screaming tweens, angry parents, a few egotistical creators claiming to be famous, a group of people tackled by security, and of course there were some misguided brand booths trying too hard.

Yet even with all that, what really surprised me was what happened when I went up to the second floor.

Throughout the panels, lounges, and networking rooms, I was able to meet and chat with so many unique creators – who just like me, were there hoping to learn and grow. I shook hands and passed out cards, and within a few moments of connecting with others, all of my anxiety and fear of VidCon had faded away. I was chatting with others who had the same struggles as me and in that moment, I realized I was exactly where I needed to be.

I no longer felt alone as a creator.

After that, I spent the rest of my VidCon on the second floor learning from others and networking as much as possible.

And now that VidCon is over, I’m left to sit here in a daze. My brain and my body are completely fried and I know that this post-event-introvert-exhaustion will take a few days to pass. However, I’m more excited than ever to be a creator. The possibilities are endless and the opportunities to reach an audience are ever growing.

Now is the time to dive in, take chances, and make something great.