Employee Spotlight: Matthew Wells

Creative employees are essential to success. They inspire their co-workers, elevate good companies to greatness, and drop the most fire memes in that private slack room ayyy.

We’re celebrating our creatives in a monthly employee spotlight. First up, Matthew Wells. We talked work life balance, art, and skeleton keys.

Check it out below.

What is your role at Fullscreen:

I am the boy Matthew Wells, and I am a Creative Manager for Central Creative Team. Half of my job is developing and creating social video content with a focus on 2D and 3D motion graphics and editing. The other half of my job is managing a team of amazing motion graphics designers and one illustrator. They are my sons, brothers, wow even my fathers in some ways. They inspire me and give me life, and have all agreed in their contracts to take care of me when I’m dying.

How do your personal projects intersect with what you do at Fullscreen and how do you find a balance between the two:

Man, I wish I knew the key to all of life, like the skeleton key of life if you will. But I do know two of the keys of life are finding balance and embracing discomfort as a given. This was a hard thing for me to realize. I used to get overwhelmed a lot more by all of the things and relationships you have to stay on top of to be a living human. Now I try to embrace the joy in everything, and I like that. My marriage, my job, my two dogs Chauncey and Carmen, my community, my impotent rage about current events, my health, my bills, and my personal art all have to find a way to fit together.

As far as Post Man goes, I think about new creations and new worlds I wanna hang out in all the time, but I also get sick of my own brain. I usually make new creations for weeks or months and then take a big break and focus more on the rest of life. Then I usually have a backlog of stuff I can just post for awhile so it seems like I’m more productive than I am. The work for Fullscreen is very creatively different most of the time, the techniques and tricks all come back into the work all kinds of crazy ways big and small. I then pass this knowledge on to my fellow cohorts whether they ask me to or not.

Wait…what’s Post Man: 

Post Man is an oasis of absurd art installations and augmented reality lifestyles. It features a roster of premiere signed talent including Jar Jar Binks, Wario, and the Minions from the bargain rack at CVS. Post Man’s work has been featured on Adult Swim and Giphy as well as art galleries in Los Angeles, Austin, and NYC. Most recently, Post Man finished “RAFTER: THE LAST OF HIS KIND,” a music video series for Rafter on Joyful Noise Recordings.

The Creative: 


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