Creating Fresh Influencer Content: Maltesers™ and Fullscreen

Dan and Gavin, also known as The Slow Mo Guys, have garnered over one billion views on their YouTube channel with a relatively simple, but expertly executed concept: everything is cooler in slow motion. In their videos, they shoot a wide variety of objects in slow motion being dropped, exploded, and popped, with amazingly addictive visual results.

The duo gave Maltesers™, a MARS Wrigley Confectionary brand, The Slow Mo Guy’s treatment –– using an air pressure cannon to shoot the famously light and airy chocolatey candies at a variety of objects– from a pineapple to a ping pong paddle. The result was pure slow motion magic.

The collaboration is a perfect example of a how to keep influencer marketing fresh. So today we’re tapping the Fullscreen team who is working on the year long Maltesers™ content program, to learn all about the creative concept behind the success of The Slow Mo Guys activation.

Creative Approach

We wanted to leverage talent to showcase Maltesers™ in a way that was fun and playful. The Slow Mo Guys provided a perfect solution: speed it up and then slow it way down. They decided to tell the Maltesers™ story in slow motion to create something very visually compelling to the audience.


The Maltesers™ program has a corral of personalities helping tell its story in new ways and The Slow Mo Guys were the perfect fit for this execution because they provided a chance to reach a Gen Z audience with geek-out worthy content that breaks through the clutter of videos online.


The video amassed over 1 million views organically in its first 24 hours, and over 2 million in its first week. It also remained on the YouTube trending page for over 24 hours — climbing all the way to the #4 spot at its peak. In addition, engagement and positive sentiment continue to rise with brand love pouring through the comments.

Bottom Line

The takeaway? Not only is it possible to create an activation that feels both true to the brand and authentic to the creator, it’s stronger for it. This successful authenticity is made possible by matching the right talent with the right brand and also by allowing the talent to have real creative input. Ultimately, the video is driving great views and engagement for the brand, because it was a well matched creative collaboration as opposed to a one sided story.