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Whether you’re sharing precious family moments, snapshots of a dream vacation, or your latest culinary masterpiece, Instagram is our go-to destination for social photography – and over the years, brands have also started to get involved. Some are posting natively, while many are teaming up with creators – just like you – to further spread the word about their products.

However, as we saw in the early days of YouTube, sponsored content isn’t always apparent unless users include the required disclaimers within their post; and let’s be real – many do not.

To help brands and creators abide by FTC’s sponsored content guidelines, Instagram has introduced several new tools to disclose when a post is part of a partnership. Here’s a quick look at how it benefits creators, and for the entire rundown, check out Instagram’s latest post.

As seen in the screenshots above, both posts are labeled as a “Paid partnership” below the creator’s username. This not only discloses that funds exchanged hands, but does so in an elegant fashion.

Linking to your brands

If you’re taking part in a branded partnership, you can now link your image or video directly to the business within the post’s advanced settings. This will also give the brand access to that specific post’s insights.

The same goes for branded Stories:

Taking part in sponsored posts? Don’t skip this!

If you participate in a branded campaign, you must use these new tools. Failure to disclose that a post is sponsored is not only against Instagram’s terms of service, but also against FTC’s guidelines – and could land you and the brand you’re working with, major fines.

To read more about this new policy, and how it also affects brands, check out Instagram’s post.