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As a creator, working with brands is as much a part of the gig as anything, and when it comes to attracting brand partners, I think treating your social platforms like your dating profile is the best strategy. It’s all about making the best first impression – just like when you’re looking for that “special someone”, you know instantly if you’re attracted to that person. Brands are no different. Within seconds they form their own impression of you and what you’re all about.

Let’s explore three ways you can get that special brand to swipe right on you.

Post to attract

I know it may sound obvious, but start by posting content that you know will attract the type of partner you’re looking for. If you dream of launching your own makeup line one day, make sure you’re posting a good amount of beauty content. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert yet. Start by showing your love and enthusiasm and others will take notice.

Avoid obvious turn-offs

Brands are often turned off by things like profanity, sexually suggestive imagery, and highly controversial topics. I know it’s popular these days to use clickbait titles to get people to view your content, but it often ends up attracting the wrong kind of attention. By relying too heavily on clickbait, you’re not going to build up a solid fan base, and you’re definitely not driving any potential brands. If it’s brand dollars you’re looking for, keep your content clean without diluting the special stuff that makes you unique.

Tell your story

Brands don’t have time to watch or go through every piece of content you’ve created. They want to know, as quickly as possible, what you’re all about. Use every bit of your social real estate to describe your personal story and what your content is all about. The social real estate I’m referring to are the “About” sections on YouTube and Facebook, and your profile description on Instagram and Twitter. You can customize them for each platform, but make sure to connect the same biographical story throughout.

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