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Well – summer is sadly coming to an end! Vacations are over, school has started, and the days are growing ever shorter. These gradual changes combined with everyone’s shifting schedules always leads to this weird end of the year creative rut, which chews up any inspiration and motivation you may have and spits them out into the dark nothingness of bleh.

But, I’ve got you! Here are five tips on how to rekindle that lost inspiration.

Stop beating yourself up

Being hard and judgmental on yourself needs to stop immediately. This is a feeling that so many people go through and it’s something that will inevitably pass. You just have to hold your head up and keep an eye out for the next new thing that’s going to pique your interest.

Try something new

This is a biggie! In the past, when this uninspired feeling would kick in, I would go back through my favorite songs and movies to try to find that spark – and it would never work. That’s because I’ve already pulled inspiration from those things. Instead, you need to move forward! Watch a movie that you’ve never seen, listen to an album that you’ve never heard, pick up a new book, or go somewhere new. By opening yourself up to new things and stepping out of your comfort zone, you broaden the horizon in which inspiration can strike.

Look back at what you’ve made

A lot of creators refuse to look at their old work in fear that the cringe factor will over-come them, but I think you should. Going back and reevaluating your old creations may just remind you of why you started creating in the first place. Also, seeing your old work and the mistakes that you may have made can be a wonderful way to show yourself just how much you’ve grown.

Stop going solo

I have a bad habit of hiding away when I feel uninspired, but this doesn’t help anything. You have to get up and get out! Go be around your friends or meet new people because these conversations are a great way to get inspired. Did something funny happen to a friend? Did you hear a story that terrified you? Use this to influence what you’re making. Also, talk about where you are and what you want to be creating! You might just find a collaborator in the mix.

Take a break

Dude, seriously – take a break! YouTube, Instagram, whatever new app is trending…it’ll all be there when you get back. Except Vine. Vine is dead.

I know sometimes it can feel like it’s all over – like you used all your creativity on the last project, but that’s simply not the case. Your motivations and inspirations are still there! Sometimes you just have to pull them, kicking and screaming, to the surface.

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