5 ways to capitalize on merch this holiday season

Now that we’re all recovering from our Thanksgiving comas, the holiday season is officially upon us – and so is merch season! T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, you name it. It’s the best time of the year for creators to promote their merchandise, and fans can’t wait to find their favorite YouTubers’ merch under the tree, beside the menorah, or wherever else.

But with all this merch power comes great merch responsibility! Here are five great ways to get started this holiday season:

1. Give your audience options

Yes, t-shirts are great, but not every fan is looking for one. Make sure to provide multiple options for apparel, from hoodies to tank tops to hats. Depending on climates and personal style tastes, different pieces of apparel will appeal to different fans.

Some fans might not be looking for something to wear, either. Give them the option to buy non-apparel items like phone cases or tote bags. More options mean more opportunities for your fans to find something they love.

2. Create exclusive holiday merch

Now that it’s the holiday season, give some of your superfans the opportunity to buy something new. For those who may have already bought merch from you, the holidays provide a reason for them to buy your merch again. Even better, you can make exclusive merch each holiday season that is only available for a short period of time.

3. Be your own walking billboard

It’s one thing to post a picture on Instagram to sell your merch, but it’s another to post your normal content while wearing merch. You don’t even need to draw major attention to it! The subtle promotion of you wearing your own merch in a vlog or sketch will prove to your fans that your merch is perfect to wear. Don’t forget to throw a link in the description!

4. Have a merch giveaway

Ok, not a revolutionary idea, but giveaways are always a great way to make fans love your merch! You can also use giveaways as a way to grow your following by asking fans to follow you on multiple platforms to rack up entries.

It’s a good idea to create a specific hashtag associated with your merch. Include the hashtag in all of your promotional posts, and ask your fans to use the hashtag when posting screenshots of their orders and pictures of your products. This will make it so much easier to repost their pictures and thank them!

5. Send merch to your friends

Not only can sending merch to your friends serve as your holiday gift, but they can help spread the word about your merch! For friends with a social following, their pics and videos with your merch serve as word of mouth marketing.

Ready to put these tips into motion? It’s easier than ever through merch apps in the Fullscreen Creator Platform.