Revive old videos using YouTube’s community features

Last week YouTube expanded the rollout of their new Community tab to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers; bringing video sharing, text posts, and polls to eligible channels. Since becoming available, I started to test if a feature like this could bring life to older videos. Spoiler alert: It can.

Re-share those videos!

My first post reminded my subscribers of a video I published just under two months ago. I chose this video mainly because the subject matter was still fairly fresh in the minds of my audience.

Looking at the view chart above, there’s definitely a bit of a spike since re-sharing it, but seeing that this particular video is still relatively active, it may not have been the best choice.

To the archive! For my next test, I went looking for a video that was begging for attention; one that saw very little views on a daily basis, and one that I could spin into a relevant post.

My tutorial on how to create snow in Photoshop should do the trick! Originally posted almost two years ago, now felt like a great time to remind my subscribers of its existence.

When sharing a video to your community, a description should accompany it to help grab attention. In this instance I piggybacked on the frigid weather that’s starting to hit us all. Well, most of us. 😉

Winter has come, and so have the views! Shortly after sharing this video, I saw a pretty hefty spike in viewership, and while it’s likely to be temporary, it appears that YouTube’s new community features are a great way to drive viewership during off days.

It’s not all about video

Additional views are nice, but don’t forget to use text posts and polls to your advantage, as well. Get your subscribers engaged by asking content-driven questions, or poll them on what your next video should cover. The more active you keep your audience, the more they’ll keep coming back for more.