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Fullscreen’s Marketing Research Community TBH Collects Authentic Consumer Insights for Brands

Here at Fullscreen, we’ve got access to a massive group of digital-first consumers. That’s because we’re fam to thousands of digital influencers, including the insanely popular gamers and colorful personalities at Rooster Teeth. And every one of them boasts tons of engaged followers who respond in seconds with a comment,  ????????❤????????????✌ and share on their latest post.  

The thing about engaged, social-first followings is they have lots to say about brands too. While we’ve already heard an earful (which has helped inform brand strategies and creative), we think it’s time to let brands in on the conversation. If you’re ready to get real, honest, first-hand opinions from your target market, we’re excited to introduce you to a new marketing research community dubbed TBH.

What is TBH?

TBH, internet slang for To Be Honest, is a proprietary panel consisting of roughly 3,000 Fullscreen community members (aka Superfans) aged 18-34 who are geographically representative of the US population. These members opt in to TBH’s web-based community in order to participate in different activities (polls, discussions, etc.), share their opinions, and earn points which are redeemable for awesome swag.

All that feedback turns into valuable insights into the hearts and minds of those ever-elusive younger audiences… and let’s face it: this is intel brands need now. Through pre- and post-campaign testing on TBH, we help our clients craft some truly relatable and compelling brand storytelling.

Oh yeah, and it’s legit!

TBH provides legitimate research and insights from our community members that brands can use for their own marketing needs. So, if you want to level up in the gaming industry — for example — take some pointers from TBH gamers:

We also gained hard-to-beat insights — and #allthefeels — during holiday season 2017 when we surveyed TBH members and heard that 59% of them said they’d most likely purchase items from brands which give back to social causes they cared about. This type of feedback helps brands gain insight into target demos and categories, understand brand positioning and perceptions, analyze changes in consumer sentiment, and even test reactions to branded content or media.

Really, what brand wouldn’t want any of that info? 🙂

Want In?

Of course you do! You may not be the target demo for TBH, but you can still get in on the action.

In the coming months, TBH will cover topics such as beauty, retail, entertainment, and travel. If you’re interested in partnering with us on some awesome marketing and creative opportunities, hit us up at