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Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

YouTube is crazy,

How are you? – No really! How are you?

YouTube recently made yet another change to their Partner Program, which set the video world ablaze and sent the small-creator community into mass chaos! That, combined with a certain vlogger doing stupid things (what else is new), multiple Adpocalypses, and the massive amount of constant uploads to the platform, can be daunting to anyone just starting out or trying to take their channel to the next level.

I myself am a small creator, so I completely understand where the frustration and animosity with YouTube can come from. But, I think in these moments, when everything is changing and new challenges are being put in front of you, it’s important to focus on why you started creating in the first place and get back to the roots of what you love. Our pal, Jon Brence, talked about this a couple weeks ago.

You see – just because there is a new obstacle to overcome doesn’t mean you should be discouraged. This is an opportune time to look at your creative process, the videos you’re uploading, and really find the elements that you’re most passionate about.

With that, you can develop a new strategy and come at your content from an entirely new angle.

Are you a musician who loves performing but hates editing? Go live and host a concert from your bedroom every Friday! Gamers – streaming is great, but take all those live moments and cut them down into various montages to develop more videos. Vloggers! Who could forget about you guys? Take the emphasis off your gear and put more time into telling a story in every video!

Let’s be honest – the possibilities here are endless.

Now is the time to really fine-tune what you’re making and think outside the box with your ideas. Be comfortable trying new things because experimentation should always be encouraged!

With all of this in mind, I challenge you to ask yourself two things:

Why do I love creating videos?

What am I going to do to stand out this year?

Let me know your answers in the comments and be sure to check out the Fullscreen Facebook Community or Discord Server to interact with other creators!