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We’re excited to announce that Fullscreen has acquired Reelio, an influencer marketing platform that uses data-driven technology to help brands, agencies, and publishers effectively reach Millennial and Gen Z audiences through their favorite creators on today’s leading digital platforms.

Integrating the Reelio platform into Fullscreen’s offerings will strengthen our existing influencer marketing capabilities and best-in-class services as we continue developing a complete solution for the future of brand marketing, which we believe is social-first and content-driven. Reelio’s technology offers data-driven insights to intelligently match brands and influencers, complementing what Fullscreen has already built and enhancing our ability to continually demonstrate strong ROI and effectiveness with every influencer marketing program we execute.

Specifically, this acquisition puts data science squarely at the heart of Fullscreen’s business in a way that will significantly benefit our brand clients, as well as current and future creators in the Fullscreen network. The combination of algorithm-led optimization and platform automation with world-class service will make the influencer marketing process efficient, scalable, quality-driven, and consistently measurable.

The strength of Reelio’s data, technology, and team will be an important addition to the Fullscreen family as we expand our offerings to encompass the full spectrum of influencer marketing, including custom integrated marketing services and production, curated influencer marketing campaign management, direct self-service transactions with creators, and the ability for our clients to leverage our platform to support their own in-house staff.

All of us at Fullscreen are looking forward to sharing more as our teams come together to innovate and transform the future of marketing.