Fullscreen’s sister brand, Rooster Teeth, is just a few days away from hosting their annual mega-event RTX Austin — and the energy is electric. How could it not be when everyone is building sets, triple checking schedules, loading in activations, and prepping episodes and trailer premieres for the throngs of attendees who will soon descend on downtown Austin? If you don’t know about RTX – it’s ok, let me explain both what it is and why it’s an essential event for everyone including Rooster Teeth fans, marketers, and anyone who wants to see what a passionate fandom looks like in 2018!

RTX is the massive gathering for fans of Rooster Teeth, animation, and gaming culture that has taken place since 2011. Happening August 3rd through 5th, RTX Austin is packed full of activations with some of the biggest brands in the world (AT&T, Full Sail University, HP, Intel, Netflix, Nokia), huge panels for Rooster Teeth’s biggest shows (like the upcoming anime series gen:LOCK featuring Michael B. Jordan and Dakota Fanning), and even a rock concert (Jeff Williams playing songs from Rooster Teeth’s anime hit RWBY). Along the way there will be parties, meet-ups (with creators like Lazarbeam – one of the biggest Fornite stars on YouTube), and of course lots of time for the Rooster Teeth community to hang out and connect with each other.

That community element is really what sets RTX apart from other conventions that you may have heard of – this is a convention (or a “con” as the kids say) that is just as focused on connections with friends made online as it is seeing the hottest new shows or meeting their favorite internet personalities. It sits somewhere between a gigantic reunion, Comic-Con, and VidCon if you can wrap your mind around that – but either way it’s incredibly impactful. And finally it’s a place where the right brands can authentically create with a powerful audience that can become their biggest champions in the space.

The Rooster Teeth fandom on display at RTX is unlike any on the planet. This is a fandom that raises over a million dollars for the Extra Life charity each year. If you’re thinking they’re just “gamers,” then think again because according to Fullscreen’s own research into this fandom – this audience loves to spend and give recommendations in tech, attend movies opening weekend, and invest in CPG products. This is a group that is totally receptive to cool integrations, like the one we’re doing around the HP ZBook this year where fans can contribute their own fan-art to a digital mural that will come together over 3 days. All in all, this is what it looks like when a 15-year-old media company stays true to its roots and its audience and who wants to celebrate it with its community.

My first RTX was back in 2015 and I attended before I officially started my job as the lead of Rooster Teeth Integrated Marketing. And now that I’m established here at Rooster Teeth and Fullscreen, RTX for me is the event of the season (more than VidCon). It’s a thrill seeing all the fans come together, hearing them roar at panels, seeing them smile when they meet their favorite talent on the streets, and fill up all the cool brand activations. So if you’re attending RTX as a fan, as a brand, or someone who’s curious to see what Rooster Teeth is all about – come find me – I’ll be the guy wearing the maroon throwback Rooster Teeth shirt!