Bot or Not? Exploring the Rise of CGI Influencers

Influencers, they’re just like us – until they’re not. You may be following a computer-generated influencer and not even know it. From flaunting trendy streetwear to posting photos with friends at brunch to partnering with brands, CGI influencers are just like human influencers… or are they? In our recent TBH studyCan CGI Influencers Have Real Influence?, we set out to find out more. 



Top 5 Reasons Gen Z and Millennials Follow CGIs

How Would You Describe Social Influencers (CGI vs. HUMAN)?

Actions taken by followers of CGI Influencers

Transparency is EVERYTHING


Although Gen Z and Millennials are intrigued by CGI influencers, they are quick to demand answers. If brands want to tap into this emerging social influencer, they need to find a balance between intrigue and transparency.

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*SOURCE: Fullscreen TBH Community, 9/14/18 – 10/26/18. N = 534, Base = 13-34.