Forget #Adulting, Halloween is a Chance for Millennials to be Kids

Millennials are delaying parenthood, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy Halloween. In fact, on this $9 billion holiday, they’re planning to spend more than any other demo! For them, the holiday is a chance to be a kid again. From throwing the scariest party of the year to donning costumes to watching classic scary movies, Millennials are embracing their inner child and participating in the fun. 

Potent Parties

When it comes to Halloween parties, there’s an upward trend of celebrations being thrown by Millennials. And they aren’t just throwing casual get-togethers. They’re crafting, making their own decorations, and preparing spooky foods and beverages. Cauldrons are brimming with witch’s brew punch while snack trays are packed with Frankenguac, spider sliders, and rotten deviled eggs. Party activities range from the classic to the nostalgic, with pumpkin carving and eating candy topping their lists. And, of course, they love to post about the excitement. On social media, parties are the second most popular topic surrounding Halloween.  

Clever Costumes

So which topic is the most popular? Costumes, of course! Of those dressing up, over half of Millennials say they’ll make their own ensemble. Witches, vampires, and zombies continue to be beloved classics, but more playful Millennials describe their costumes as clever, funny, and detailed. They look to social media, headlines, and pop culture to inspire their get-ups. In fact, dozens have already voiced their intention to dress as Caroline Calloway, 2019’s most infamous influencer. Others are putting their own spin on politics with costumes like “Sexy Tariff.” And still, others are planning to wear outfits that support their favorite breakout products like Beyond Burgers and White Claw. Social media is instrumental in their planning. On Pinterest, the go-to resource for Halloween inspiration, spiderweb eyeliner, leopard makeup, and stiletto nails are among the top-searched keywords. On Instagram, #HalloweenCostume is a top hashtag around the holiday. And YouTube is a must for make-up tutorials that demonstrate how to achieve the perfect look. 

Freaky Films

The desire for nostalgia around Halloween includes entertainment as well. Almost 3 in 4 say that watching certain movies or TV shows is a Halloween tradition. And really, who doesn’t love a good Scream marathon? Staying in to watch classics is a favorite way to spend the holiday, but that doesn’t mean they’re not interested in going to the theater. In fact, over $750 million was earned at the box office on horror movies last year! 

For Millennials, Halloween truly is a celebration of what it means to be a kid. And this represents a big opportunity for brands, especially those in the Food and Beverage, Apparel, and Entertainment verticals. Providing party tips and tricks, inspiring clever costumes, hosting virtual viewing parties, and sharing UGC are just a few of the ways companies can connect with enthusiastic Millennial consumers. Brands can win by helping Millennials lean into their inner child and enjoy this playful, nostalgic holiday. 

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